“Innovation in Wearable Technology and IoT”  Seminar by  Dr Haider Raad (Xavier University)

Komar University of Science and Technology held a seminar titled ” Innovation in Wearable Technology and IoT” on Wednesday, 9 November 2022. The seminar is delivered by Dr. Haider Raad from Xavier University in Ohio, USA. Currently, he is the director of the Engineering Physics program and the Wearable Electronics Research Center at Xavier University. He started his talk with an explanation of his path to becoming one of the outstanding researchers in the IoT field and then continued by talking about a general topic on waves and electromagnetic waves. Then, he connected those talks to IoT and how the IoT and wearable devices can track and survive people’s health lives nowadays.
Today, IoT and Wearable Technology are recognized as two of the fastest-growing technologies and hottest research topics in academia and research and development centers.
Wearable devices are expected to substantially expand the applications of modern consumer electronics. Similarly, there has been a massive interest in smart objects that can be connected to the Internet allowing remote access, processing, and control, which enable innovative services and applications.