Daily TechClub Activities

May 27, 2023

After opening the TechClub, students get a chance to propose their idea and implement it using the TechClub facilities. Computer Science and Engineering students actively work in the scientific environment and practice teamwork skills to convert their conceptual ideas into …

TechClub Opening Ceremony

March 29, 2023

Computer Science and Engineering departments held the opening day ceremony of the TechClub on 29th March 2023, and the students from both departments presented their projects. The students registered and submitted their proposals and the department analyzed them and chose …

AI and ChatGPT workshop

February 21, 2023

On Tuesday, February 21st, Dr. Susan Al Naqshbandi and Dr. Rawia Tahrir presented a seminar entitled AI and ChatGPT. They introduced the ChatGPT software, its mechanism, and the related AI concepts. As a computer science department, the main goal is always …

Digital Library Workshop

October 25, 2022

KUST Data Center conducted a workshop titled “Planning and Implementing the E-Library System.” about how to use the E-library of Komar for Faculty and Staff Members on October 25th, 2022. In this workshop, the audiences were trained on how to use …