Student Symposium

Joint Student Symposium (KUST and UOS)

The “Department of Computer Science” of Komar University organized a student symposium in collaboration with the University of Sulaymaniyah to give the opportunity to students of both universities to share their knowledge and present their works, publicly.

In this event, apart from the students of Komar University, 50 students participated from the “Department of Statistics and Information” of the University of Sulaymaniah. Four students from UOS University along with 5 students from KUST University have presented their works as follows:

  • How to Communicate with Computer System, KUST (Hakar Ali)
  • About the Department of Statistic and Information, University of Sulaimani (Shanya Adl Edris)
  • Guideline to making a friendly User Interface, KUST (Zardasht mudur)
  • Quantum Computer, KUST (Barzi Bahadin and Larin Hassan)
  • Statistic in Our Life, University of Sulaimani (Moen Abdulxalq Taha)
  • Hospital Information System, University of Sulaimani (Lanya Jalal Ahmed)
  • Artificial Intelligence, KUST (Hastyar Azad)