Hackasuly Competition

Hackasuly is the largest international hackathon in Iraq that brings the coding community together over a weekend to work in teams and turn their ideas into technological solutions. HackaSuly is trying to help young coders to develop their skills and match them with the existing tech market demands. In the meanwhile, they are encouraged to update themselves with cutting-edge technologies and tools.

The Komar student, Zardasht Mudur, from the Department of Computer Science was one of the team members of “WiseSave” project in a Hackasuly Competition. The project winner of the Fintech track was called “WiseSave”, the aim of the project was to take sulfa a step forward, and help people save money online instead of the old fashioned way, this method is effective because no one will be able to steal any money or trick the random selection that happens each time the money is given to someone. The project idea was Aran Fatih’s idea and with the help of two people he was able to execute his idea into a working prototype, the members were:

  • Aran Fatih (Developer)
  • Akar Muhammed (Developer)
  • Zardasht Mudur (Designer) and student of KUST

The WiseSave project was prized $4000 in cash and certification for each team member.