The Seventh Annual KUST University Day

The seventh annual University Day ceremony was held on Thursday, March 31, 2022, at Komar University of Science and Technology. In this event, the students from the “Computer Science and Computer Engineering” departments had the opportunity to show their talents, capability, skills, and scientific knowledge by presenting their academic projects either as new computer applications or hardware systems and technology. Many public officials, politicians, academic figures & representatives of universities, businessmen, high school students & their teachers, and students’ parents and family members were among the attendees of the celebration.

During the day, more than 230 scientific/Activities projects related to different departments and 50 entertainment projects were presented to the guests and evaluated by evaluators from different backgrounds and departments. The proposed scientific projects were focusing on finding solutions for daily real-life problems are/or introducing smart services to society in a very wide range of areas.

At the end of the ceremony, 3 projects from computer science and 3 projects from computer engineering departments were selected as the winning scientific projects rewarded by Ms. Sazan. The list of winners and their project titles are as follows:

Computer Science Winners:

  1. Osama Rashid Taha (AgroCop)
  2. Mohammed Anwer Azeez Mawlud and Ravyar Sarbast Tahir (MicroMouse)
  3. Mohammed Hamid Mahmood Mustafa (E-billing System)

Computer Engineering Winners:

  1. Hastyar Azad Ali, Miran Shirwan Mohammed Sharif, Zhya Sherwan Qadir (Braille Language Translator Using Arduino Microcontroller)
  2. Pasand Hussein Yaba (Plant Watering System)
  3. Pairaw Barham Raouf Ali (piano robot)